West Lothian crime: 'Horrendous' child rapist labelled 'utterly appalling' by judge

A child rapist has been jailed for six years and eight months for his "horrendous conduct".

Jaroslav Mako told the girl "you want this" despite her screaming for help and trying to fight him off during the assault.

Mako took the 11-year-old primary pupil to an address in Pumpherston, in West Lothian, where he subjected her to the attack and rape on September 18 last year before committing a further assault on the child.

A judge told him at the High Court in Edinburgh: "As you must surely appreciate, what you have done is utterly appalling."


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Lord Richardson said: "There can be no doubt that your actions will have caused significant and enduring harm."

He said: "A lengthy period in custody is the only fitting sentence I can pass on you to reflect your horrendous conduct."

Lord Richardson told Mako that he would have faced a 10 year sentence if he had been convicted after trial, but that would be reduced following his guilty plea.

Mako, 34, who was living in Armadale, in West Lothian, earlier admitted committing two sexual offences, including the rape.


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Jailed: Sex offender Jaroslav Mako

During the rape of the girl the Slovakian national, who was previously jailed for five years in his homeland, grabbed the child, put her on a sofa, removed clothing from her and touched and kissed her.

Advocate depute Gavin Anderson said that Mako took off the girl's t-shirt, leggings and underwear and told her to be quiet.

"She tried to fight him off. She was very scared and was screaming for help. She repeatedly told the accused to stop it," said the prosecutor.


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But Mako told the girl that she wanted it and said: "It's good." She told him to go away and that she did not like it.

Mako, who arrived in Scotland in 2020, was later detained by police and claimed during an interview that he did not have sexual contact with the girl.

He said he was quite intoxicated when he went to the address, but forensic evidence linked him to the crimes.

Defence counsel Kenneth Cloggie said Mako was "disinhibited by alcohol" and added: "He has no prior sexual offending."


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He said: "It is my understanding that he would be eligible for automatic deportation."

Mako was placed on the Sex Offenders' Register indefinitely.