West Lothian crime news: A survivor of abuser Malcolm Andrew McDougal has spoken out about her experiences as he is found guilty in court

The survivor of a West Lothian abuser who has been found guilty of a series of crimes against women has said that she is also serving a life sentence for what he has done.

Warning: Readers may find the content of this article distressing

Malcolm Andrew McDougal, 43, was found guilty by a jury at the High Court in Livingston of two attempted murders, assault against five women and drugging one of his partners by putting Amphetamine into her tea.

But despite the verdict, one of the women subjected to his violence, who wants to remain anonymous, said she is still living with the pain she suffered at his hands.

“It doesn’t take away the pain,” she said. “I’m the one who lives with a life sentence; the depression, the scars.

"It’s hard waking up knowing that someone did that.

"He took a lot of pride away. I was so ashamed. I was ashamed because I was trapped under that monster’s spell.”

She added that she constantly wondered if and when she would be able to get out of the situation.

West Lothian crime news: A survivor of abuser Malcolm Andrew McDougal has spoken out about her experiences as he is found guilty in court.

"I thought, I’m never getting out, and if I do, will I be alive?” she said.

The victim explained that, when she met McDougal, she had thought highly of him.

"I was naive. I thought he was charming, and that he was going to look after me. I was going to be safe with him,” she said.

But not long after they had moved in together, she started to notice he was drinking.

"He had a problem with drink and drugs. I was oblivious to what drugs really were, I was young so I was just bewildered.

"Then he started getting verbal.”

She said that McDougal had started calling her names and using words such as ‘worthless’ and ‘useless’.

"One night he came in while I was cooking dinner and said ‘I’m not eating that, it looks disgusting’,” she said.

She then said that he became violent.

During their time together, he punched and kicked her, strangled her and drugged her tea.

At one point, McDougal strangled her so hard she thought she was going to die.

She said: “It started getting worse and worse. This monster was just living 24/7 in my life. I was trapped.

"I just thought, if he was going to do something, I wanted him to just hurry up and do it.

"I was so miserable. There was nobody I could turn to. The things he would do, he was so unpredictable.

"I hoped he was in a good mood. If he was in a good mood, he would let me be in a good mood.”

She added: “Over the months there was strangling and spitting, a lot of spitting involved.

"So many brutal things you’d never do to someone you loved.”

The woman eventually moved from the West Lothian area and after testifying in court against McDougal, is now working at moving on with her life.

In court, she said that he avoided looking at anyone and just stared at the floor. She believes that he feels no remorse for his actions.

Speaking after the verdict, she said: “It’s good to be alive.

"I have achieved things I never thought I could. I wish it never took so long.

"I want him to be known for what he is.”

Malcolm Andrew McDougal will be sentenced on September 6 at the High Court in Edinburgh.

For those who need to reach out:

Scottish Women's Aid helpline: 0800 027 1234

Rape Crisis Scotland's helpline is 08088 01 03 02

Samaritans: 116 123

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