Damaged Ross Fountain switched off - just weeks after opening

Edinburgh's Ross Fountain has been turned off just 19 days after being unveiled from a £1.9m renovation because people playing in it during the recent heatwave have damaged it.

Wednesday, 1st August 2018, 12:09 pm
Updated Wednesday, 1st August 2018, 12:12 pm

Frolickers enjoying a dip in the newly opened fountain have ignored signs asking people to stay out and caused damage to the internal waterproofing.

To prevent further disrepair the water stream has been stymied for a week until repairs have been made.

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The Ross Fountain in Princes Street Gardens. Picture: Alistair Linford / TSPL

Meanwhile the Ross Development Trust, responsible for the fountain’s upgrade, has issued a plea backed by Edinburgh Council, reminding the public climbing on the main structure could lead to permanent damage.

The managing director of the Ross Development Trust, David Ellis, said: “Whilst carrying out some small snagging work on the Fountain we noticed a few other issues.

“Due to people climbing on and accidentally damaging the fountain we need to make a number of small repairs to the waterproofing.

“We are hopeful to have these repairs completed later this week, at which point the Fountain will be turned on again.

“While we appreciate everyone wants to enjoy the return of this wonderful public fountain we would ask people to refrain from entering the water to ensure the recent restoration of the Fountain is preserved.”

The renovated fountain was turned back on for the first time in eight years on July 8 after a year-long restoration project.

Concerned local Ross Vivani said: “Well I’m utterly saddened to hear such a lovely fountain, having just recently being unveiled has now been turned off.

“Because of some, we won’t be able to observe this amazing jewel of the Princes Street gardens running for the time being.”

Furious readers also took to popular nostalgia blog Lost Edinburgh to vent their frustration.

Louisa Sutherland said: “I saw peoples kids paddling in the water even though there’s clear signage to say not to go in it.

“There’s nobody there to stop them so they keep doing it and parents clearly couldn’t be bothered to keep their kids safe.”

Athene Strigidae suggested introducing wardens to issue fines to those caught in the fountain.

She said: “How very disappointing. And how sad that people are so selfish and so lazy they can’t be bothered to keep their children under proper control. Should be a couple of wardens in the Gardens empowered to hand down £10,000 fines to anybody climbing on the fountain, or those in charge of them. They’d only have to do it a couple of times for the message to get through.”

The RDT are hopeful the fountain will be flowing again by Thursday.