Drivers react to Edinburgh parking permit price hike plan

EDINBURGH motorists have been quick to condemn the permit hike plan, with the majorty thinking city fathers are calling it wrong.

Wednesday, 25th October 2017, 8:49 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 12:11 pm
Permit holders could be charged more depending on their type of car.

They accused the administration of picking on motorists – and some questioned if it would make any difference.

Simon Collins said: “Car drivers hit again. Another easy target.”

While David Davidson took to Twitter to lash: “Other cities improve air quality and reduce pollution by looking at traffic hot spots, Edinburgh council instead charges you more for parking.”

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Martin Bailey said simply: “Just don’t go to Edinburgh.”

But others were more concerned about the kind of model Edinburgh should, in their view, be looking at.

Ali Grieve on facebook challenged: “What London does Edinburgh follows suit. Parking in London recently went up by £2.75 PER HOUR for diesel cars. They are introducing a new T charge which will charge both older petrol and diesel vehicles

“Guesses before how long Embra Clowncil take to enforce that too.”

James Buchanan added: “Punishing the motorist who was told diesels were better than petrol for the enviroment.”

Gary Finnie was fuious. he said: “Edinburgh.....the Council that HATES motorists..........and its own residents.”

Mik Mclean questioned the wisdom of the plan, saying: “Weird thing is my diesel produces less emission than most petrols, hence why its only £20 a year road tax.”

Gibby Kirwan added: “All this scaremongering about diesel engines. Rubbish.”

David Thomson claimed it was a money grabbing exercise, saying: “Obviously short of £££ hit the motorist...easy pickings.”