East Lothian powercut: Here are the postcodes areas currently without electricity

Several areas in East Lothian are currently without electricity after an unexpected power cut.
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Homeowners and businesses in Tranent and Haddington were hit by a power cut at around 9.30am this morning. Engineers are currently working in the area and are expected to restore the power by 11.45am.

SP Energy Networks alerted customers on their website, writing: “There is a power cut affecting the EH33 EH34 and EH41 POSTCODE areas of Tranent, East Lothian and Haddington. We had no advance warning of this and first became aware of it at 9.34am.

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Our engineers have arrived on site and will work to restore your electricity supply as quickly and as safely as possible. We expect the power to be restored by 11.45am."

A power cut hit parts of East Lothian on Tuesday morning.A power cut hit parts of East Lothian on Tuesday morning.
A power cut hit parts of East Lothian on Tuesday morning.

The postcodes currently affected are:

EH331ED, EH331EE, EH331EF, EH331EG, EH331EH, EH331EQ, EH332AL, EH345EQ, EH41, EH413AA, EH413SS, EH413SU, EH413SX, EH414AA, EH414AF, EH414DW, EH414DX, EH414DZ, EH414EA, EH414ED, EH414EG, EH414EH, EH414EJ, EH414EL, EH414EN, EH414EP, EH414EQ, EH414ER, EH414ES, EH414EW, EH414FB, EH414HA, EH414HB, EH414HD, EH414HE, EH414HF, EH414HG, EH414HH, EH414HJ, EH414HL, EH414HN, EH414HP, EH414HQ, EH414HR, EH414HS, EH414HU, EH414HW, EH414JB, EH414JG, EH414JH, EH414JJ, EH414JL, EH414JN, EH414JP, EH414JR, EH414JS, EH414JT, EH414MM, EH414MQ, EH414MR, EH414MS, EH414NH, EH414NJ, EH414NL, EH414NN, EH414NP, EH414NR, EH414NS, EH414NT, EH414NU, EH414NW, EH414NX, EH414NZ, EH414PA, EH414PL, EH414RP, EH414RR, EH414RS, EH414RT, EH414RU, EH414SP