Eddie Izzard rallies 20 Labour activists

Comedian Eddie Izzard joined Labour activists on the campaign trial in Edinburgh yesterday as the party made a last-ditch attempt to shore up its vote before Thursday.

Tuesday, 5th May 2015, 9:36 am
Eddie Izzard talks to a small group of Labour activists. Picture: Jane Barlow
Eddie Izzard talks to a small group of Labour activists. Picture: Jane Barlow

Polls have predicted total wipe out for Labour across the Capital – with all five seats expected to be won by the SNP for the first time in history.

But Izzard – decked out in a dress and high heels, with Union flags painted on his fingernails – told a gathering of around 20 Labour activists on The Mound he was “very positive” about drumming up Labour’s vote “to get the Tories out on Thursday”.

Flanked by Edinburgh North and Leith candidate Mark Lazarowicz, Izzard said: “Get Mark voted back in, get all the candidates voted in that’s we can do in Scotland.

“That will make the difference, and then David Cameron and the Tories will be history on Friday.

“The Tories can be out – they are very scared about this. They are trying to encourage people to vote away from Labour.”

The transvestite comedian then enjoyed a walkabout on a busy bank holiday Princes Street – posing for a slew of selfies with giggling fans and even signing Labour literature.

He added: “It’s critical in Scotland – if Scotland votes for the Labour Party on Thursday, then the Tories will be out, and if they don’t, then they won’t.

“I’m here for as long as ­people want me here. I’m here today and then I’m going to Edinburgh South. I’m going to 58 different places, constituency and cities. It’s hard work, it’s tough work – and I’m doing it in these heels as well.

“We are passionate and we’re still there. If people did have a feeling that we weren’t necessarily paying attention – OK, message received.

“But we’re still here, we’re still passionate and still care. If you want to get rid of the Tories, vote for us on Thursday and they will be gone.”

The uneventful visit stood in sharp contrast to scenes in Glasgow earlier when Izzard took to the streets of the city centre alongside Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy.

The pair were met by a handful of angry activists and a media scrum in St Enoch Square as shouts of “traitor”, “Judas” and “warmongering scum” caused the comedian to lash out at “violent nationalism” in Scotland.

Speaking in Edinburgh just a couple of hours later, Izzard condemned the “aggressive” behaviour – but insisted he wouldn’t be intimidated.

He added: “It’s aggressive nationalists getting into violent nationalism – but who exactly is controlling it we’re not sure.

“It seems to be unique to Scotland but I don’t think it’s part of real Scottish behaviour. I think the average person in Scotland totally condemns that.”

He added: “I’ve run eight marathons with the Saltire, no English person has ever done that. I’ve played nearly every major town and city in ­Scotland.”

Nicola wrong-foots English-only rule

NICOLA Sturgeon has called into question the legitimacy of any UK government formed by a party on the basis it has the most seats in England.

In a speech arguing that a strong band of SNP MSPs would be positive for democracy, she said: “Westminster is supposed to be the parliament and the government for the whole of the UK.

“It often hasn’t felt that way for Scotland as we have had to put up with Tory governments that we have rejected. I am sure parts of England have felt exactly the same. So surely a test of legitimacy that should be applied to whatever Westminster government is formed after this election cannot simply be that it is the largest party in England.

“The test that must be applied is whether a government can build a majority and win support that reflects the whole of the UK.”

She said English MPs would always make up most of any majority, but to ignore Scottish voices would be wrong.

She added: “So if there are a number of progressive voices elected from across the whole of the UK who, with Labour, can lock the Tories out and ensure influence and representation for all parts of the UK, that would be more balanced than a party trying to take power without UK-wide support.”

Ukip targets Falkirk seat

UKIP’S Scottish MEP David Coburn has claimed he is set to be elected MP for Falkirk, the seat previously held by disgraced former Labour MP Eric Joyce.

And he insisted there were a lot of “quiet Ukip voters” across Scotland who are “frightened of cybernats” but “quietly voting Ukip as they did when they put me in”.

Mr Coburn attacked the SNP for its moratorium on shale gas and oil “fracking”, which he said was “essential” to keep Grangemouth refinery open.

He said: “We have got massive support here and it looks like we are going to win in Falkirk, fingers crossed, or at least do extremely well.”