Edinburgh commuters ‘take £800 of gadgets to work’

COMMUTERS are travelling to work every day with laptops, mobile phones and gadgets costing almost £800, figures have revealed.

Tuesday, 13th January 2015, 11:45 am
Laptops, phones and glasses were among the most expensive items carried. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
Laptops, phones and glasses were among the most expensive items carried. Picture: Phil Wilkinson

The Capital’s workforce is the third most extravagant in the country for carrying expensive gadgets to work, according to Towergate Insurance.

The study – which quizzed 200 city residents – showed men’s daily load of gadgetry cost £22 more than that belonging to their female counterparts.

The average Capital commuter carries £794 worth of goods – 17 per cent higher than the national average. Only men in London and Manchester ranked higher than those in the Capital.

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The figures come as Lothian Buses revealed 200 mobile phones, five laptops, four e-book readers and six MP3 players are lost on city buses every month.

Drew Wotherspoon, marketing director of Towergate Insurance Direct, said many commuters were unaware their valuable belongings were not automatically covered by home insurance and were consequently placing them at risk of being lost or stolen with no protection.

He added: “It’s vitally important customers understand the nature of their home contents insurance and what it covers outside of the home.

“Your average commuter illustrates perfectly the value of the possessions we regularly carry around with us, day-in day-out without even thinking.

“How many of us have lost or had personal items stolen on the way to and from work?

“And with Christmas gifts added into the mix, it’s even easier to misplace something when travelling.”

Commuters in London topped the list of the UK’s flashiest workers, carrying gadgets worth up to £951.

Manchester commuters lugged possessions worth up to £806, while Glasgow workers were in fifth place with goods valued at £728.

Laptops were the most expensive gadget carried by commuters – costing an average of £304 – followed by mobile phones, jewellery and glasses.

A Police Scotland spokesman urged members of the public to protect their belongings when travelling by ensuring bags were not left unattended.

He added: “Be discreet with your belongings – displaying expensive jewellery or electronic devices, like mobile phones or cameras, could attract unwanted attention.”

A spokesman for Lothian Buses said all items were handed in to the depot before being dispatched to the property office in Hanover Street.

He added: “Customers can call, visit the shop, fill in the online form or contact us through social media to inquire about their lost item. Online inquiries are normally answered within 24 hours and we’re always very pleased when we’re able to reunite owners with what they’ve lost.”

A ScotRail spokeswoman said: “When travelling on our trains, or moving through our stations, customers are encouraged to ensure their possessions are with them at all times. On-train and station announcements are made reminding passengers to check they have all personal belongings, and on-train staff will advise customers on how best to store their luggage.”