Edinburgh nightclub photo of woman bored by male clubber goes viral

A photo posted by an Edinburgh nightclub of a woman bored by a male clubber bending her ear has gone viral after being described as the '˜world's most relatable meme'.

Wednesday, 26th September 2018, 5:20 pm
Updated Thursday, 27th September 2018, 7:02 pm

The image of the two clubbers at the Milk student night at Bourbon club in Edinburgh has been shared tens of thousands of times on social media with people offering their own takes on what the man could be saying.

In the picture, the man in a checked shirt can be seen leaning in close to a bored looking woman’s ear, in a bid to tell her something that clearly seems to be important.

Facebook user Alex Hall reposted the picture stating: “Congratulations to Milk in Edinburgh on taking what I suspect may be the most relatable nightclub photo in the history of art.”

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One Facebook user added: “The essence of rejection is almost tangible. This is a beautiful photograph.”

Others quickly took to social media to turn the picture into a trending meme, with people posting their ideas on what the man could have been saying.

Twitter user @RossMcCaff posted the pic and quipped: “It’s just ‘Bodyguard’. The Bodyguard was a 90s film”.

@MattCleland96 joked: “How’d they let ye in wae a hedgehog.”

The picture has been shared tens of thousands of times. Picture: Bourbon Facebook

@GreggParkhill riffed off a Royal Navy advert: “Yeah so then I stopped pulling pints and started pushing myself... I was born in Carlisle, but I was made in Milk, Edinburgh”

While @revolucienary asked: “Is anyone else concerned for the current wellbeing of the lad in the nightclub meme?”

@gothicat even used it to raise awareness of the #AskforAngela campaign, which offers help to woman receiving unwanted attention in nightclubs and bars.

The pair have since come forward and revealed on Capital Scotland that they are actually friends, and that they were out together at the Fresher’s Week event when the picture was taken.

The man in the picture, Patrick, told presenter Garry Spence it was weird saying the pic on a Facebook post in Australia, he said: “She’s one of my pals from school so she’s probably fed up.”

The girl Lucia joked that Patirck “usually talks rubbish anyway”, and that she couldn’t remember whaT he was saying.

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