Edinburgh schoolgirl tells councillor to do homework on climate emergency after he tells her he's 'sceptical' of the science

A teenage girl has told a councillor to do his homework on the climate emergency after he admitted he is still “sceptical” over the science.

Friday, 23rd August 2019, 6:41 pm
Children protesting earlier this year. Pic: Jon Devlin.

Conservative Cllr Cameron Rose quizzed young climate activists who appealed to the city council for support at their next demonstration on September 20.

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More than 99 per cent of climate scientists now agree that humans are to blame for the climate emergency – while the landmark IPCC report last year warned that we only have 12 years to take action to halt the risk of extreme heat, floods and poverty for million of people.

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Children protesting earlier this year. Pic: Jon Devlin.

Cllr Rose said: “Your phrase was that we need to unite behind the science. I am one of those people who is sceptical of the foundation for your articulate presentation and your passion.

“My question to you Esther is, would you be willing to have a dialogue with somebody who takes a different view on the science?”

Ms Silverton gave Cllr Rose some advice.

She said: “I think the science is very definite and agreed on by everyone. If you want to have that proven to you, look online, read the IPCC report, read many of the reports published, signed and agreed upon by thousands of scientists all over the world.

“If you still need convincing, look at everyone else who agrees with the science. ”

Taking to Twitter after the exchange, Cllr Rose said: “The question I asked my constituent was to invite her to engage and discuss – she declined to the dialogue.

“She’s going to find a lot more resistance to the catastrophic interpretation of the facts and would benefit form engaging with other views.”

Youngsters in Edinburgh are calling on adults to show support for them and take part in their next rally on September 20. Organisers are expecting tens of thousands of people to join the demonstration – while councillors will decided whether to give permission to use Princes Street just 10 days before the march.

Esther added: “The climate crisis is the biggest threat humanity faces and we are failing to tackle it properly. We are hurtling towards destruction of society as we know it. Unless we are able to bring this to everyone’s attention, we will continue to speed towards this disaster.

“For the first time we are calling on adults to unite behind the young people and unite behind the science to demand action now. This council has made waves with its ambitious targets and its open encouragement of this movement. We ask you to make waves again, to show the world Edinburgh Council is determined to tackle the climate crisis.”

Council workers will be allowed to join demonstrators at the march next month after an appeal from Green Cllr Steve Burgess – but only if front-line services will not impacted.

Council leader Cllr Adam McVey said: “The administration wants to see this as the biggest possible display of will that the city has in terms of securing our climate future as a capital city and as a planet.

“This is to make sure that the core services that have to be sustained at key points, are sustained. Where staff are taking leave and it’s operationally possible, they can take leave to go on the climate strike.”