Edinburgh woman, 25, starts up new Scottish naked cleaning business

A new naked cleaning business has launched in Scotland offering services in the buff for up to £80 an hour.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 7th November 2018, 9:02 am
Updated Wednesday, 7th November 2018, 10:13 am

A new naked cleaning business has launched in Edinburgh offering services in the buff for up to £80 an hour.

Glimmer strips back the hassle of household chores by supplying cleaners to carry out tasks such as ironing and hoovering while completely naked.

The company, set up by 25-year-old beautician Victoria Murphy, also has a lingerie and topless option, and has a number of male and female cleaners on its books of all age, shapes and sizes.

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Get Glimmer - a new naked cleaning company which has launched in Edinburgh

Clients are not allowed to touch the cleaners, take pictures or videos or have anybody else in the house for the service, with the price depending on how many clothes the employee has on. The nude cleaning service will set the client back £80 per hour. A cheaper alternative is for the cleaner to be wearing lingerie (£55) or be topless (£65).

Victoria told the Evening News: “There is a certain element of this business that is sexual. But there is a fine line of being in the adult industry and not. There is no sex involved. Glimmer is primarily a cleaning service with all our employees having past experience.”

Clients have to fill out a form and give photo ID before arranging a date and time for a cleaner to attend to their needs. Terms and conditions also need to be accepted ahead of their visit with the cleaner having the option to leave if they are made to feel uncomfortable.

Victoria says her business challenges the stigma surrounding the sex industry and wants her employees to feel body confident.

She added: “The amount of clothes the cleaners wear depends on how comfortable they are. Some of them are exhibitionists who thrive on going into other people’s homes, looking their best and cleaning. We have cleaners aged from 21 up to their 60s. If it makes them feel good then I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

“Many people judge before knowing all the information. When I told my friends and family it took a while for them to understand. It is not what it looks like on the surface. A lot of our clients are lonely and just want to some male or female attention. People will disagree and I understand that, but Glimmer is different to other firms operating in Scotland and I’m proud of that.”

Victoria says she receives a number of odd requests from members of the public on a daily basis.

She said: “One a while ago, a man asked if he could dress up as a French maid and clean for our cleaner in his own home.”

Margaret, 58, has been working for Glimmer for four months now averaging four jobs a week. She has always been a cleaner but was attracted to apply for the job in order to earn extra cash.

She said: “I’ve not done anything like this before so my first time I was nervous. I just stick to wearing lingerie but others go topless or nude. You have to have confidence to do this type of work. Some people will criticise but Glimmer is a cleaning service with a twist. I have cleaned for people in their 40s up to their 70s and I really enjoy it. I love the social aspect of the job, speaking to people and cleaning.”

After a positive start in the Capital, Victoria, of Murrayfield, is hoping to expand the business throughout Scotland.

She added: “I’m enjoying establishing Glimmer in Edinburgh and the Lothians but I see huge potential in this and I’m looking to push into Glasgow and Fife in the near future.”