Edinburgh school at centre of road safety campaign as parents demand a crossing

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Concerned parents are demanding a safe crossing for pupils on the busy road outside Clermiston Primary amid fears a child could be seriously injured.

The online petition, in which campaigners are calling for a pedestrian crossing or a lollipop person to be put in place, has already collected hundreds of signatures and has been brought to the attention of the local councillor.

Clermiston Primary.  Parents are demanding a pedestrian crossing at busy school crossing around primary school

Clermiston Primary. Parents are demanding a pedestrian crossing at busy school crossing around primary school

Charlotte Goldsmith, a member of the school’s parent council, who launched the petition, told the Evening News about her increasing concern over the safety of children attending the school.

Charlotte said: “It gets so busy that children can’t see when they’re trying to cross the road.

“People are parking on the pavements and the roads and now the issue is being raised every month at parent meetings. We need a safe crossing for our kids.”

Despite the school launching initiatives to encourage parents to walk to and from school, there has been no improvement to the heavy congestion at the school gates.

Some drivers have even been spotted stopping on the zig zag lines that prohibit parking at the entrance.

Charlotte added: “I’ve seen this get worse over time. It’s the attitude of the drivers that made me want to take it into my own hands. The police come down intermittently and do what they can but they have other things on.

“Some parents have taken number plate registrations but the drivers are so aggressive when approached – as long as their kids are okay they don’t care.”

Charlotte, whose children, aged six and nine, attend the school, has already witnessed near-misses due to the amount of traffic that floods Parkgrove Place at drop off and pick up times.

“It’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt”, she said. “ We just want somewhere safe for our children to cross the road.”

Councillor Mark Brown said that the safety of children and parents near the school is of the highest priority.

He said: “It is paramount that we investigate what the options are to make Clermiston Primary a safe place for children entering and leaving the school. We want prevention not a cure.

“The community police have been very supportive and we’re making good progress in how to solve the problem. I’m confident that the relevant people are already involved and are keen to make this happen.”

Cllr Karen Doran, Vice Transport Convener, said: “We’re currently carrying out a consultation as part of a review of school crossing patrols, which is designed to improve road safety by helping us target resources to where they are most needed. Requests for new patrols will be considered as part of this process.

“Travel patterns and habits have changed over the years and this review will provide us with a clearer picture of which locations would most benefit from having a school crossing patrol.”