Tales of Jewish immigrants who made Scotland their home

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They are heartbreaking, moving stories showing strength and determination.

Astonishing tales of Jewish immigrants who made Scotland their home have been brought to life in a series of short films.

Dorrith Sim who came from Germany and made Edinburgh her home. Picture: TSPL

Dorrith Sim who came from Germany and made Edinburgh her home. Picture: TSPL

The videos – called Points of Arrival – chart the lives of Jewish people who have come to Scotland since the late 19th century.

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The work of the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, the five films focus on where these people came from, when and how they arrived, and their new life in Scotland.

The films have been produced as part of Jewish Lives, Scottish Spaces – and include fascinating figures from across all walks of life.

People profiled include a former cantor at Garnethill synagogue in Glasgow, Isaac Hirshow, and businesswoman and campaigner for the Jewish community in Scotland, Annie Lindey.

Celebrated artist Hilda Goldwag, who wheeled her paints, brushes and easel around industrial Glasgow to celebrate her adopted city, is featured in a film narrated by her granddaughter.

Also featured is 94-year-old Henry Wuga, who speaks regularly at schools and public events in the UK and in Germany, and author Dorrith Sim, who has written a book about her childhood journey in 1939 from Germany to her new home in Edinburgh.

All of their stories are told by contemporary narrators, whose own lives are connected to the theme of migration.

Researchers say the project helps people gain a fuller understanding about one of Scotland’s most significant immigration stories.

They are working with secondary school teachers to develop a set of classroom resources based on the films.

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Lead researcher Dr Hannah Holtschneider, of the University of Edinburgh’s School of Divinity, said: “The films offer fresh perspectives on the history of migration to these shores, its impact on individuals, the reception the people received and the contribution immigrants have made in communities.”

The project draws on the collections of the Scottish Jewish Archives Centre (SJAC), the Mitchell Library in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Glasgow City Archives, the National Library of Scotland and National Records of Scotland.

Jewish Lives, Scottish Spaces is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

To view the videos visit: https://vimeo.com/user82357432/videos/page:1/sort:alphabetical/format:thumbnail

For more details visit on Jewish Lives Scottish Spaces visit: http://jewishmigrationtoscotland.is.ed.ac.uk/index.php/2018/10/23/points-of-arrival-a-series-of-short-films-from-the-jewish-lives-scottish-spaces-project/