Edinburgh revealed to be one of the worst cities for commercial fly-tipping in the UK

Edinburgh is one of the worst areas in the UK for commercial fly-tipping offences, according to a new study.

Sustainable waste management experts, Envirovue, have revealed the local authorities which have seen the worst offending businesses for illegal waste dumping between 2019 and 2022.

Over the past three years, businesses in the Capital have paid £78,000 in commercial fly-tipping fees. The City of Edinburgh Council has handed out 390 fines in this time – making the authority the eighth highest area for fines.

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Edinburgh was the only Scottish Council area that was included in the list of top ten areas with the most commercial fly-tipping offences. Businesses within these local authorities have paid out a total of just under £3 million in the past three years.

The study’s findings are based on information obtained by Envirovue through Freedom of Information requests (FOIs) sent to 424 UK councils, of which 117 councils responded.

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Daniel Redfern, Director at Envirovue, said: “Business waste includes any waste that comes from construction, demolition, industry, or agriculture. We’d suggest if you work in trades where such waste is generated, make sure you’re aware of your responsibilities when it comes to disposing of waste safely and legally. Not only could illegal dumping result in hefty fines, but the reputation damage this could cause to companies could be even more detrimental.

“Responsibilities include doing everything you can to prevent, reuse, recycle, or recovering waste, completing a waste transfer note for each load of waste that leaves your trading premises, and ensuring that your chosen waste carrier is actually registered to dispose of waste.

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A new study has revealed that Edinburgh businesses are amongst the worst offenders for commercial fly-tipping in the UK.

“If your business deals with hazardous waste, you will be met with an extra duty of care, such as classifying your waste, separating and storing waste safely, using authorised businesses to collect this type of waste, and filling out consignment notes alongside keeping records of all waste produced at the premises. We appreciate this can be a lot for business owners to keep on top of and that’s why it’s essential to partner with professional and regulated waste disposal companies who can guarantee the correct procedures will be followed.

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“It’s important to say, too, that the majority of the time, companies do not intend to be non compliant and law-breaking. Sometimes things just slip through the net. It will often mean that the business has engaged with a supplier that cuts corners, and Envirovue has systems to stop this. Some examples we hear of companies getting caught out this way are branded PPE or personal information being found in the dumped waste.”

The City of Edinburgh Council has been contacted for comment.