Latex gloves have become the latest form of litter – Hayley Matthews

The sight of litter – particularly a new addition, latext gloves – enrages Hayley Matthews.

By Hayley Matthews
Saturday, 18th April 2020, 12:30 pm
Please bin your latex gloves, don't drop them in the street (Picture: Getty)
Please bin your latex gloves, don't drop them in the street (Picture: Getty)

The sight of used gloves everywhere is really bothering me.

I’m always that person who picks up plastic litter when I have a free hand or two. It drives me mad the amount of rubbish floating about the streets and I always wonder where it will end up. I’ve even been known to put rubbish that I’ve picked up in the bottom of the buggy to take home and recycle or bin.

So I can’t even begin to explain how it makes my skin crawl seeing the pavements strewn with latex gloves that people have just dumped. They are everywhere and it gives me the boak!

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It’s so irresponsible and I really want to go round picking up all these gloves that I see laying on the ground, but I’m not meant to be within two metres of people so I sure as hell am not picking up your manky, used germ-infested gloves.

So bin them yourselves please folks and if you see someone peeling off a pair of finest latex like Mrs Mop before dropping them on the floor like a lunatic then please say something – I will be.