Evening News readers share their royal wedding plans

With the royal betrothal of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle fast approaching we (naively) thought we'd ask our readers what their plans were for the big day.

Friday, 18th May 2018, 3:47 pm
Updated Friday, 18th May 2018, 3:51 pm
The decorated Markle sign at the the small hamlet in East Lothian. Picture: SWNS

Millions are expected to tune in tomorrow for the royal wedding, including, we expect, a good number of people from Edinburgh.

Judging from our social media channels, however, it seems fair to suggest there will be some households out there who definitely won’t be wearing Harry and Meghan masks or hanging red, white and blue bunting.

We asked our readers (gulp) on Twitter and Facebook what their plans were for the royal wedding, here’s a snippet of some of the responses.

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Kacey Milne said: “Celebrating what? 2 people i dont know getting married. What’s to celebrate”.

Ken Johnston said: “I got a tin of paint ready. I’ll paint the garage door and sit and watch it dry while the wedding is on. I like excitement in my life.”

Fhiona Monkhouse said: “Good luck to them as a couple but they are not the first people to get married nor will they be the Last so can we please stop this obsession with every little detail. I’ll be staying away from my tv tomorrow”.

Kenneth Markham said: “I’ll be watching my Hampden heroes DVD on repeat, nothing better on the 19th may”.

Ian Buchanan said: “Why are yous making a big thing about the wedding you know the people of scotland don’t give 2 flying f***s about it”.

Martin Salkeld said: “Omg get a life”.

Mo Connolly said: “I dropped some polystyrene bits on my carpet today,so I will wait till Saturday to try and hoover them up,that should be fun. Failing that,I will look out my window and watch the grass grow,I have no interest in that pantomime whatsoever”.

Stewart Rodgers said: “I’ve got a barrowload of paper clips that needs counting then i have a chicken to defrost”.

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