'Excrement' pouring down Edinburgh close after waste pipe cracked

A resident has complained about a stream of raw sewage flowing down a close off the capital's High Street.

Wednesday, 24th July 2019, 5:38 pm
Carrubber's Close off the High Street (Photo: Lisa Ferguson)

Sewage has been flowing down the side of Carrubber's Close for a couple of weeks according to residents, raising fears over public health risks, particularly for rough sleepers who regularly use the close as a place to sleep.

Scottish Water said specialised equipment is needed to fix the problem and that repairs will take place over the coming days.

Therese Christie, who lives near the close, said the problems began after a waste pipe cracked in one of the properties which backs onto the close.

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A picture of the leak in Carrubber's Close (Photo: Lisa Ferguson)

Scottish Water were in attendance at the leak earlier today, but according to Mrs Christie, the workers did not fix the problem and instead left a large hole which has filled with the sewage.

She said: "Scottish Water did eventually come and they have dug a hole and I think the drains have collapsed. It is very hard to say what was fixed. The people who have the Mitre pub didn't feel it had been fixed either.

"They have just left a great big hole and there is just raw sewage there."

Mrs Christie added she was worried about the health risks associated to the leak, with the close known as a hotspot for rough sleepers who stay in the tunnel at the bottom of the steep close.

She said: "There are a lot of rough sleepers who sleep there and they will be sleeping in dried excrement."

A spokesman from Scottish Water said: "The workers were called out to the issue and they were investigating the leak and they needed specialised equipment to solve the leak. They will be returning to the site tomorrow and will carry on the repairs which are expected to take a few days."