Fundraiser after little pup Roxy '˜mauled' by Akita on Leith Links

A FAMILY whose beloved pet pooch was mauled by a dog in an 'unprovoked' attack have launched a fundraising page so they can pay for her vital treatment.

Sunday, 14th October 2018, 6:44 pm
Updated Sunday, 14th October 2018, 6:47 pm

Lhasa Apso Roxy, 6, and her puppy Lucy, 1, were being walked by their owner’s son Sean Stewart just after midnight on Wednesday morning when Roxy was attacked by an Akita in a park near Leith Links.

Lisa Kernan, Sean’s sister, told the Evening News that the family had been left heartbroken by the attack.

She said: “Roxy was attacked previously by a Doberman so we always check to see what dogs are around before letting her off the lead. There was no-one around so Sean let them have a run about themselves.

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“Two seconds later a huge Akita pounded around the corner and grabbed Roxy.”

The larger dog - whose breed can weigh up to 9 stone - locked its jaws around little Roxy who was “screaming” in pain and fear.

Lisa said: “My brother tried to get Roxy free. I was in the house and I could hear her screaming. It was a horrible sound. I thought it was a fox at first.”

Eventually Sean was able to rescue Roxy and ran home with her in his arms, little Lucy close to his heels.

Lisa said: “I could hear him crying as he was carrying her along. I thought from the screaming that my brother had been attacked.

“I wouldn’t wish for my worst enemy to see the state she was in. It was horrible.”

Roxy was rushed to the E-vets Emergency Service on Mayfield Road where it was discovered that she had three broken ribs, a punctured lung, open wounds on her chest and severe bruising and swelling after the onslaught that lasted around 30 seconds.

Roxy has been a tower of strength for Lisa’s mum, her owner.

Lisa said: “We all adore her. She has been with us through so much family stuff. Mum in particular had a lot of health issues and my grandma died and Roxy supported mum and gave her a reason to get out of bed.

“Roxy just knows if you’ve had a bad day.”

After finding out that Roxy’s treatment could run into thousands of pounds Lisa launched a JustGiving page to help cover the costs.

She said: “We’re not well off people but we knew we could pull together the first thousand or so but because of the severeness of her condition and the medication she’s on we were told it could be more than two thousand and we just can’t do that on our own.”

After sharing the fundraiser online, Lucy has been “overwhelmed” by the generosity of strangers some of whom live as far away as America and Australia.

The family reported the attack to the police and Edinburgh City Council’s dog wardens who have reportedly issued a dangerous dog notice to the owners of the Akita.

Roxy is stable but vets say she has a long road ahead of her.

Lisa said: “We are all gutted that she can’t come home yet. We’re finding it difficult and just want our wee girl home.”

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