Gareth Edwards’ TV Review 13/09/2011

AND now some important viewer safety information - beware how you handle that remote control on Monday nights because there’s something lurking in the schedules that might just scar you for life.

Yes, Embarrassing Bodies is back for another series, proving once again that while us Brits might be too uptight to discuss our feelings with one another, we will happily strip off and show the nation our swollen warty backside if a nice doctor tells us to.

Dr Christian Jessen was back in a tent in Doncaster to meet people with the sorts of problems the viewing audience will now be praying they don’t get, from Slavek, a man with a very, very droopy face, to Brian and his extraordinary strawberry nose.

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As troubling as these conditions were, however, it was the more mundane stuff that brought the real horrors. Dr Christian, with his coiffed hair, perfect teeth and shining eyes, is clearly a powerful hypnotist - why else would anyone wander into his tent and let a camera crew stare at their itchy back passage while a strange man with a weird smile poked it with a swab and said “hmmm” in a mildly sinister fashion?

The more you wish you’d never seen it, the harder it will be to forget.