Getaway car plate catches out bookie knife robber

A SERIAL armed robber who targeted bookmakers was caught after a punter simply jotted down the registration number of his getaway car.

Saturday, 28th February 2015, 11:15 am
Sean Orman robbed betting shops in Bernard Street, above, Longstone Road ,and, finally, Balgreen Road. Picture: Google Maps
Sean Orman robbed betting shops in Bernard Street, above, Longstone Road ,and, finally, Balgreen Road. Picture: Google Maps

Sean Orman’s luck ran out after his third raid in just 12 days at a branch of William Hill in Balgreen Road.

He made a run for it after police stopped his car, but was later found at an address in Pattison Street, Leith.

His DNA was found inside a balaclava in the car and a knife was recovered.

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Orman was yesterday jailed for five years at the High Court in Edinburgh. The 24-year-old first struck at William Hill in Bernard Street on September 24 last year.

He approached the lone male employee with a large knife in his right hand and said: “Just keep calm and give me the money. Don’t mess me about, just give me the money.”

The robber put a black bag on the counter and the employee put about £80 from the till into the bag.

But Orman kept pointing the knife, which had a blade about eight inches long, at his victim and said: “Give me the rest.”

More cash was taken from a safe and the robber fled with £470. Orman, who was wearing a black snood, was identified from CCTV in the shop.

He struck again five days later at a Ladbrokes in Longstone Road, which was staffed by another lone employee at the time.

Orman ran up to the man and said something like: “Give me the money.”

Advocate depute Alex Prentice QC said the employee grabbed the robber and they tussled until Orman pulled out a knife on his victim. He took money from the safe and till and fled from the shop with £962.

The Balgreen Road raid took place on October 6, when a woman was working alone.

The prosecutor said: “He jumped over the shop counter. He was wearing a black balaclava which had holes for his eyes and mouth.”

The woman tried to run to a kitchen area at the rear of the shop, but Orman blocked the door and would not let her close it. He told her: “Give me the money. Give me all the money.”

The raider, who was holding a knife, told her to open the safe or he would hurt her.Orman opened the till drawer which had about £200 and the employee told him that was all there was in the shop.

But Orman accused her of being a “f****** liar” and demanded she open the safe or he would hurt her. Orman took coins from the premises and further cash from the safe and made off with £400.

Defence solicitor advocate Stuart Carson said much of Orman’s adult life was blighted by drug abuse.

He relapsed early last year and he was taking large amounts of heroin and valium and pressures were being put on him by those supplying drugs. Mr Carson said: “He accepts his conduct must have been very frightening. His drug use was chaotic and out of control at this time.”