Gluten free bakery in Edinburgh launches bold expansion plan

Edinburgh's only fully gluten free bakery, Sugar Daddy's has launched a bold plan to expand across the Capital.
Sugar Daddy's is aiming to expand to a second locationSugar Daddy's is aiming to expand to a second location
Sugar Daddy's is aiming to expand to a second location

The family-run business has launched a kickstarter in a bit to open a second bigger bakery in a bid to raise the £29,000 required to do so.

Sugar Daddy’s, the brainchild of JP and coeliac, Amy Ranaldi, opened two years ago on Rodney Street in Cannonmills as a haven for those with food allergies and intolerances.

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The bakery offers 100% gluten-free options as well as a wide spread of dairy, egg and nut free as well as vegan options.

In a bid to expand, a Kickstarter has been launched and will run until the end of April.

The confectioners are currently seeking donations in return for cakes, parties and cake baking lessons.

Owner JP Ranaldi comments: “Everyone deserves good cake and nobody should have to miss out just because they aren’t able to have certain foods.

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“We identified a gap in the market for quality, guaranteed gluten free cakes for coeliacs, as well as vegans and those who are dairy intolerant, in response to growing demand from dietary challenged cake lovers.

“Since opening, we have seen our customer base grow faster than we ever anticipated, which is really exciting. However, we simply cannot keep up with demand, so a bigger contamination-free kitchen in a second bakery is the way forward for keeping Edinburgh’s sweet-toothed population happy.”

Sugar Daddy’s makes occasion cakes to order, as well as selling brownies, blondies, cupcakes and cookies, always coeliac safe and usually dairy free with egg free, nut free, soy free and vegan options.

The Kickstarter campaign, which has seen 40% raised so far through donations, has to reach its target by the end of April for the money to pay out.

You can read more about the campaign HERE

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