‘Good on him’ - Readers react to Muirhouse man blocking street in bin collection protest

Readers have been reacting to the news that Muirhouse resident Ronnie Scotland barricaded a road in the area with his car in a demonstration over missed bin collections.

Thursday, 7th March 2019, 6:21 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th March 2019, 6:27 pm
Some readers have backed Ronnie Scotland's blockade protest. Pic: Neil Hanna

Mr Scotland, 71, said he was willing “to get arrested” over his protest and some readers enthusiastically backed the pensioner, even encouraging others to get involved.

Residents were stunned on Thursday afternoon as they watched Mr Scotland form a blockade with his car and neighbours’ bins at the top of the street, preventing vehicles from accessing the road.

Murray Waterston wrote on Facebook: “Well done sir you stand up for what you believe in, being retired and bored is no fun when you can take on the Council.”

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Janet McMillan added: “Well done Ronnie I applaud your stance, I hope the rest of the street do to.”

Michael Warburton agreed with Ronnie’s stance, but acknowledged the issue went beyond Muirhouse: “Bin collection is a collective joke but the minute you say it’s because we live in Muirhouse and not Silverknowes you lose the argument. It’s a city wide problem not a local one.”

But Amy Patterson pointed out a flaw in Mr Scotland’s plan, posting: “He wants his bin collected so he has blocked the entire street, doesn’t that mean that the bin lorry won’t ACTUALLY be able to get into the street to empty the very bins he’s protesting to get emptied?”

And John Nallam added: “He’ll just have his car impounded.”

Neighbours have since confirmed that waste management workers arrived on the scene and were emptying the bins.

However, they reported the local authority had been contacted about the ongoing issues for over a month before any action was taken.