Halt to string of voicemails when Suzanne went missing

DAVID Gilroy left a string of pleading voicemails on the phone Suzanne Pilley over the weekend before she disappeared, the court heard. Gilroy repeatedly asked for Ms Pilley to call him, telling her that they could “sort everything out”, but never phoned her again after she was reported missing.

The jury listened to the voicemails left by David Gilroy on Suzanne Pilley’s phone:

Hi, it’s David. Your phone’s switched off so you may still be sleeping. That’s why it might not be on. I’ll try again in 20 minutes or half-an-hour. I left a message on your main line as well. Bye.

8.28am May 1, 2010

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Hi Suzanne. I was just wanting to have chat. We can sort everything out. You know, I realised I pushed things a bit too far last night and I just wanted to have a chat. Ok? I’ll phone you at the house.

10.38am May 1, 2010

Hi, it’s David. That’s me down in Cramond just now. I don’t know if you’re around or not and if you fancied going for a walk. Obviously you’ve got your phone off but maybe I’ll hear from you. I’ll be down here for a while, OK? Bye.

5.21pm May 1, 2010

Hi, it’s me. Just finished my work, Just wanted a wee chat. Fancy giving me a phone back, see how you’re doing? Speak to you later. Bye.

6.45pm May 1, 2010

Hi, it’s David. Just wondered how you are. Was a wee bit worried. Is everything OK? Give me a phone back. Bye.

7.38pm May 1, 2010

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Hi Suzanne. It’s David here. Give me a phone back please. Just wanted to have a wee chat with you. Just call me back even for a few minutes. I’m worried. Please.

8.18pm May 1, 2010

Hi, it’s David. Give me a wee phone back. Bye.

2.50pm May 2, 2010