Here’s how to help plant trees in Edinburgh – Donald Anderson

The Tree Time scheme, run by the Edinburgh and Lothian Greenspace Trust, helps look after and plants trees in the area, writes Donald Anderson.

Monday, 16th December 2019, 11:40 am
Trees in the likes of Inch Park are precious and need looked after

Please forgive a shameless plug for an organisation I’m involved with (and helped set up). Edinburgh and Lothian Greenspace Trust is a fantastic little organisation that helps improve our parks and green spaces. More than that it also encourages people to get out more and enjoy some of the very finest parks that Scotland has to offer. We’re all too slovenly these days and the trust’s small band of helpers promotes a range of healthy but mild exercise, and they have a great time doing so.

You’ll find them all over Facebook and Twitter having fun walking, playing and even hosting silent discos. They do amazing work.

The trust also has a brilliant scheme called ‘Tree Time’ to look after our precious trees. So, in the Playfair office this year we’ve adopted a tree in Inch Park. Inch Park is one of the finest parks in Scotland and I have many happy memories of playing there as a child and visiting there – I was also beaten up there once, but let’s not dwell on that.

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Why not sign up? By donating to Tree Time you can help towards the planting of new trees in Edinburgh to make sure our trees are looked after for generations to come. Alternatively, donate to Reforesting Scotland which does equally great work.

A donation to Tree Time makes an ideal Christmas gift, and as little as £20 can make huge difference. You’ll get a personalised donation certificate as thanks for your support. Edinburgh has more trees than people, but they need looking after. What better way to celebrate Christmas than by making a small investment to look after our much-loved trees?

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