Irvine Welsh was thrown out of his Hibs heroes' pubs

IRVINE Welsh has revealed that he was thrown out of pubs owned by three of Hibs' Famous Five.
Irvine Welsh. Pic: Greg MacveanIrvine Welsh. Pic: Greg Macvean
Irvine Welsh. Pic: Greg Macvean

The Trainspotting author will feature in a BBC Alba documentary about the fearsome frontline on Sunday night.

He says: “I met Lawrie Reilly, Eddie Turnbull and Willie Ormond and I actually got barred from all three of their pubs.

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“I remember Lawrie Reilly who had the Bowlers’ Rest pub and he didn’t want any young whipper snappers getting up to their shenanigans.

“So I was flung out of that one by Lawrie. And Eddie Turnbull had Fox’s in Junction Street, and me and my uncle Jimmy had been on the p*** and we were making a bit of a pest of ourselves.

“Eddie told us to get lost basically and he said ‘you should know better, Jimmy, and take that wee dipstick of a nephew with you’.

“Willie Ormond had a pub in Musselburgh and it was quite a rowdy day out. Eventually he said we had to get out of there. But that’s quite a nice hat-trick; it’s like Willie Ormond’s hat-trick of broken legs, my hat-trick of getting banned from three of the Famous Five pubs.”

The Famous Five is on BBC Alba at 9pm on Sunday.