Jamie & Shoony's naked photo shoot draws police attention

IT may have been a cold, wet and windy day, but that didn't stop a musician stripping off to pose for his band's latest, cheeky poster on Granton '¨Harbour.

Jamie Kerr's photo shoot backfired.
Jamie Kerr's photo shoot backfired.

Jamie & Shoony, an urban indie punk quartet from Edinburgh, are hoping to make their big break this year and were in need of an “eye-catching” poster to promote their latest EP and tour, Been Everywhere.

But the boys had no idea the stunt would see them getting rumbled by the police.

On Saturday afternoon, the band headed down to the harbour with a photographer, where they came up with the idea for vocalist Jamie Kerr, to strip “stark naked” for an “out-there image”.

But what started out as fun in the early afternoon, soon turned serious a few hours later, when the police pulled up and asked what was going on.

Jamie, 25, who pulled the short straw to strip down to his birthday suit, said: “We were needing an out-there picture for the tour poster, so we thought it would be a good idea to go to Granton Harbour.

“I joked about posing naked and the photographer said that would be really cool and quirky – so I did it.

“At first I was thinking I was going to die, it was so cold, but I was wearing a leopard print dressing gown so that kept me warm while I was waiting.”

As the photoshoot got into full swing, a dog walker was passing by and accidentally threw a ball over to where the quartet were being photographed.

Wrapped in his dressing gown, Jamie tossed the ball back to the stunned passer-by, confused by what was going on.

Jamie said: “The pictures from the shoot are amazing – it’s basically me covering myself up and looking uncomfortable.

“After we had finished, we started walking back to our car and that’s when two policemen pulled up.

“They asked what we were up to and I just said it was all totally innocent.

“I think they found it funny because they didn’t take our names or make notes or anything.”

Following the weekend’s escapade and their cheeky, new photograph, the boys are now looking forward to their upcoming tour – which will take place in April and May - and promoting their new EP.

Jamie, from Portobello, said: “The weekend was fun and we are hoping to get a breakthrough soon. We have plenty lined up for this year already, including a concert at the Barrowlands in March, our Been Everywhere tour in April and May and the festivals in the summer.

“Our debut single, Who Are You, is also out at the end of this week.”

Last year, Jamie & Shoony played to sell-out crowds in venues including the O2 ABC and Kings Tuts, both in Glasgow, and The Electric Circus in Edinburgh.

They took the title of the Local Music Scene Best Live Act Award but the highlight of the year was supporting Scouting for Girls and Nile Rodgers with Chic at Linlithgow’s Party at The Palace.