Masked teens terrify residents with fireworks

MASKED teenagers have been hurling fireworks at homes in the run-up to Bonfire night '“ leaving neighbours 'fearing for their lives'.

Monday, 31st October 2016, 7:24 am
Updated Monday, 31st October 2016, 8:54 am
youths in Muirhouse before they launched fireworks at residents' wilndows. Picture: contributed

Residents living on West Pilton Park today told of the terrifying moment a gang of youngsters blew up a wheelie bin and threw rockets at front doors and windows, in just one of many shocking attacks.

Families in Pennywell Gardens have also reported similar problems, with many saying they are too scared to leave their homes after dark.

The group of between ten and 15 yobs, believed to also be behind stolen motorbikes plaguing residents in the north of the city, have been gathering in West Pilton Park in recent nights to light the fireworks, before preying on their targets.

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One neighbour, whose property has been hit twice by a rocket, said: “There seems to be an ongoing problem with these uncontrollable teenagers who think it’s acceptable to be throwing fireworks at people, houses and cars.

“The noise of the fireworks has got so bad over the past few nights I’ve actually had to take my dogs to the vet to get sedatives because they just won’t settle.

“It actually sounds like a bomb going off in my front garden.

“These aren’t just little sparklers you can buy from supermarkets, they appear to be in possession of heavy duty fireworks – like the type of things you’d see at a professional display.

“It’s only a matter of time before a person gets hit, and worse, killed.”

A handful of residents have told the News about their experiences, but all wish to remain anonymous, in fear of being targeted by the “untouchable” group.

A mother-of-two, who lives in a flat at West Pilton Park, added: “The other night I had to tell my little girl to move away from our window because I was frightened a firework would come hurling through it – despite the fact we are a few floors up.

“They are leaving us fearing for our lives. I’m too scared to let my kids out.

“Our flat hasn’t been hit yet but the other night the teenagers put a firework inside one of the wheelie bins and it blew up. It sounded like a massive explosion.

“They just think they are untouchable but what they are doing is so dangerous.

“It’s just terrifying for the people who live here.”

Local councillor Cammy Day said he was aware of the ongoing problem.

He said: “This just shouldn’t be happening, someone is going to end up getting seriously injured.

“I am aware police have been speaking to local shopkeepers telling them not to sell fireworks to young people.

“These teenagers don’t understand the potential damage they could do.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “Police in Edinburgh have received reports of youths throwing fireworks and causing disturbance within the Pennywell Gardens area and West Pilton Park.

“Inquiries are continuing to identify those responsible and anyone with information is asked to contact police.”

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