Mosmorran flare causes bright light over Fife

BRIGHT flames over Fife sparked a flurry of comment and speculation after lighting up the night sky.

One Twitter message said: “Weird night sky tonight. I’m pressuming it’s Mossmorran and not aliens!” Another said: “Judging by its flare, Mossmorran looks like it’s going to blow up.” And a third tweeted: “Mossmorran is crazy bright tonight about crashed trying to look at it.” The flames could be seen from as far away as Midlothian and even Perth.

ExxonMobil later issued a statement, apologising for any concern. It said: “ExxonMobil can confirm that there has been a process upset on the feed treatment unit at the Fife Ethylene Plant. This will result in elevated flaring for approximately 48-72 hours.”

• Picture courtesy of Lee Kindness