MSP to fight bagpipe ban in New Zealand rugby stadia

EDINBURGH Southern SNP MSP Jim Eadie has pledged to fight to lift a bizarre ban on the playing of bagpipes at the rugby world cup in New Zealand.

Kiwi officials have reportedly outlawed bagpipes from the country’s stadia over concerns they could distract Scotland’s opponents.

Mr Eadie was told of the move by constituent and armed forces veteran Alex Logie, who contacted his MSP after a call from his friend Dr Matt Strachan, who is in New Zealand following Scotland at the Rugby World Cup. Dr Strachan, who plays the pipes at Scottish rugby games across the globe, has been told he cannot play his pipes inside the grounds. Mr Eadie has raised the matter with the Scottish Government.

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He said: “This is a ridiculous position for the New Zealand authorities to take.

“The All Blacks have the Haka war dance and an amazing team of stars. We need our bagpipes belting out Scottish music to have a fighting chance.”