Nicholson tips as good as it gets for Louise

A CAPITAL actress has told how her career has been given a boost by Hollywood legend Jack Nicholson.

Louise Linton has been getting acting tips from the Oscar-winning star since signing with his agent last year.

The actor’s masterclasses have helped her land parts in five Hollywood films.

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Louise, 31, who attended Fettes College, moved to Los Angeles more than five years ago to pursue her acting dream.

She won small roles in films, including Lions For Lambs starring Tom Cruise, but got her big break last year when she was taken on by Nicholson’s agent, Sandy Bresler.

Since then she has had a number of meetings with the 74-year-old and filmed the upcoming She Wants Me alongside Charlie Sheen.

She said: “I have been lucky enough to spend some time with Jack. He told me to enjoy the process and not the pay-off.

“It’s great advice and I have five films out this year.”

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She first acted as a six-year-old in a play at the city’s St George’s School for Girls, which was watched by the Queen.

“My dream is to get to a point where I can raise a family in Edinburgh,” she added.

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