One Million Tiny reasons to see this play

Young people from Brunton Youth Theatre will be performing extracts from One Million Tiny Plays About Britain, a new play by Craig Taylor, at Brunton Theatre this month.

The plays originally ran as a column in Taylor’s Guardian weekend magazine from 2006 to 2009, before being published as a book in 2009. They were later performed as a play in 2010 at The Citizens in Glasgow and at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year.

The collection of plays is based on snippets of overheard conversations from the length and breadth of the UK and range from moving dramas to comedies. Brunton Youth Theatre is a group of young people aged between five and 18 who learn about drama and stage craft.

The play is on Saturday, October 22 at 7pm and tickets are available now on 0131-665 2240 or online at