Butter coffee? What a brew-haha – Hayley Matthews

So would your morning coffee be improved by adding a knob of butter?
So would your morning coffee be improved by adding a knob of butter?
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Why would you fling Kerrygold into your morning cup of caffeine? There’s only one way to find out, says Hayley Matthews

Being up during the night breastfeeding, I tend to spend a lot of time on my phone, watching ­Instagram stories, looking at posts and researching hashtags that I’m interested in (think #cutecats, #catsofinstagram, #whitefluffycats and the odd #babytoes post).

I can easily spend three hours sifting through hilarious memes and window shopping online whilst baby Oryn drinks away.

Not often do I come across a hashtag or post that I start to incorporate into my daily life. However, I recently became curious about one craze that has changed my morning routine and it’s butter in your coffee. I know, I screwed my face up too and thought, gosh, that sounds like a heart attack in a mug!

It all started with a post I saw where a woman was slagging off her ­boyfriend’s morning brew with a ­picture of a lump of butter, MCT oil food supplement and a cup of coffee. A few weeks later and the post was still swishing through my head. “Why would people put butter in their ­coffee?” I thought.

It was starting to get me curious and I was interested in giving it a go, but first I wanted to find out why ­people did it. What could they get from lumping 25 grams of Kerrygold into their ­morning brew?

As all my projects start, I spent a morning on YouTube watching Dave Aspey videos, (he’s the guy who came up with the idea) and decided to give it a go. Loads of people were saying how they had more energy and less cravings and I wanted to find out if the ‘Bulletproof Coffee’ method as Dave coined his recipe, really was worth a go.

But could it be pleasant? Putting butter in your morning cuppa sounds odd, so I set out to experiment. Being the impatient person that I am, I used instant I had in the kitchen along with the butter out of the fridge, ignoring all the advice to use clean coffee and grass-fed butter.

My coffee didn’t taste that great so I patiently waited on my Bulletproof delivery to try it properly from the man who invented the recipe. Being a fan of the Keto/low carb lifestyle, Dave invented the concoction after drinking yak-butter tea whilst in Tibet.

The butter coffee seems to have a huge following on Instagram and seems favoured by those eating foods high in good fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbohydrates but I reckon if I drank it without watching carbs I’d be rolling about the place.

If you’re trying the Bulletproof coffee method, I suggest you don’t do what I did (after realising we’d put the blender in the charity shop), which was to set about a pot of coffee with an electric whisk. Yes, that did take a while to clean up and I can still see coffee on the ceiling, so do what Dave suggests and use a blender.

He also recommends an MCT oil for extra energy (concentrated coconut oil – think 18 teaspoons concentrated to one teaspoon) and we’ve all heard about the wonder that is the mighty coconut oil.

So I waited and made a clean coffee with brain octane oil, 25 grams of good quality butter and a dash of oil for luck and blended away. It was surprisingly smooth and tasted good but it does take more effort to make – you have to be dedicated.

Mr Hayley’s only complaint is that it’s more hassle than instant but I did see him clean the entire kitchen after a cup, so I think I’ll be sneaking butter and MCT oil in to his coffee every morning, just so I can reap the benefits of a clean hoose. I’ll send him round to do your windows too!