‘Cameras mean more forced road congestion and pollution’

News readers have a largely negative reaction to new bus lane cameras in Edinburgh. Here are some of your responses

Friday, 29th November 2019, 5:00 pm

Make the most of the shorter hours as they are going to change from 7am to 7pm and if you think the clowncil doing a consultation on this will change that then you must be voting for Boris. Strange how the bus lane camera on Mountcastle didn’t get a mention. Oh, and here’s news for the clowncil - don’t put the warning signs partially hidden behind trees.

John Holt

I hope the council are going to increase the time that the right hand arrow stays on green for traffic going down Lady Road. Cars only go in the bus lane for a very short distance to get into the empty middle lane to go up Craigmillar Park, as the traffic is queued back, blocking this lane as they can’t turn right to Lady Road when red. If they don’t increase the time, nothing will get off Gilmerton Road as the traffic will be built back.

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Alan Davidson

The bus lanes are here to stay! So, 7am -7pm will be a lot better for remembering to keep out of them. As it is, most drivers keep out of the bus lane at anytime of the day anyway. Maybe because like me, they have been caught out due to the road being quiet, you forget the time and go into the bus lane intent on turning left at the next junction - Snap! Too late! You’ve been flashed! Grrhhhh!!!

Eddie Connor

I’ve seen cars parked in bus lanes.

Maria Winfield

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New Edinburgh bus lane camera will cost drivers who flout rules £60

This camera has been giving out fines for at least two months now. I know, as my husband got one (after several warnings from me) in August/September!

Carole Chisholm

Does this include overtaking a car that’s turning right? Are they preferring us to sit in a long queue behind that car sending fumes out everywhere and adding time on the journey?

Heather Joan Mitchell

Yet more forced congestion. The City of Edinburgh Council certainly know how to cause chaos, jams and pollution. They are experts in how not to do it.

Ian Mulvey

If you are turning left onto Gordon Terrace to go up Esselmont Road, and the bus lane is clear, you have to sit in a massive tailback for ages as the traffic lights give pedestrians too much priority. Instead of cashing in with fines, would it not ease congestion by having three cameras - one to film car in bus lane, one to film cars which don’t turn left and go straight over, and fine them; and a third one to show car turned left, proving no fine required?

Steven Ritchie

I feel sorry for all you in Edinburgh regarding this money making scandal, When will this all stop? Everything is about how to make extra cash and again the motorist is caught in the loophole.

Ian Law

Roads are a mess

The drivers in Edinburgh should get a concession on their road tax. The roads are a mess; bus lanes 7 till 7 will cause tailbacks everywhere. I hope it backfires on the council and they lose revenue from parking. It would be good if they properly surfaced roads instead of patching them - they said they were not going to do that. It is always the motorists that they take the cash from.

Eilidh Ross Parker

This is just another way for the SNP and council to make money from the people of Edinburgh to pay for trams. With money they make, will they fix the roads? Don’t think so.

Alex Townsley

How about people actually use bus lanes (when allowed) - on roads where the right lane is for right turn only, instead of a line of cars indicating back into the correct lane?

Jack Murray

Really? The one at Dalkeith Road is always full of cars and I’ve seen the police sit in it among the other cars! Just do away with the bloody things!

Beccy Crawford

Just in time for their ‘consultation’ coming to an end regarding the bus cameras and as usual, the clowncil will not take into consideration the results of the consultation. Particularly as they have already installed the money making cameras! #Edinburgh NOT for residents.

Debbie Robertson

It’s been live for weeks - I got caught by it almost three weeks ago.

Luke Radford

The Liberton Road one has tripled the congestion, as no one can join the left or ahead lanes until the turn right has cleared. Absolutely ridiculous place to have a bus lane. Getting rid of them all would lower congestion considerably.

Steven Todd

Improve journey times for buses, but slow everyone else down.

Brendan Irvine

What makes me laugh is no one uses them when you are allowed. We whizz by when people are sat in traffic giving us daggers, doh!

Fizz Calder

£60 for driving on a road that road tax pays for, £40 for assaulting people - imbalance?

Christopher Harris

They have to pay for their total incompetence and massive overspend on the tram project somehow.

Alistair Dunsmore

Why not on the Glasgow Road? More abuse of bus lanes than anywhere else, I would imagine.

Dougie Cameron

Can we fine buses for not using the bus lane?

Tony Linssner