Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng sacked - your views online

Kwasi Kwarteng has been sacked as Chancellor of the Exchequer by Prime Minister Liz Truss

Moira Macdonald

Liz Truss should be sacked as well.

Louise Wilson

Boris Johnson may have had a bit of a struggle with the truth but he and Rishi Sunak were miles more competent than Liz Truss and her cronies. We need Liz to stand down, Boris to come back for the moment, Rishi too, and a general election called asap.

Christopher Laird

She should be sacked as well. She has nothing going on in that head of hers other than OMG I'm prime minister, OMG I'm prime minister.

Stuart Winton

Liz Truss should sack herself, she agreed his changes.

Tully Tulley

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The PM needs to go as well - disgrace. She's more incompetent than Boris.

Elizabeth Reid

Liz Truss has no idea how to run a government, her decisions are going to be very costly, and she’s already stated she’ll do her best for England – get her gone now.

Paul Mc Dougall

Employs a random to sort the countries finances! What did she think was going to happen?

Ash Douglas

I’m reminded of the American author Thomas Sowell quote - “It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.”

Neil Donachie

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Aye, to cover up the fact she put him there, most likely drew up budget with him and wants the focus away from herself!

Denise Tranent

And what about the rest?

Dave Highley

BBB - Bring Back Boris!

David Barker

Sacks one, replacement has failed in every post he has held in the past. Time for Liz Truss to go – totally unsuited for that job. The country is on its knees.

Michele Peirson

Quickly running out of options to replace those fired or leaving. Words barrel and scraping come to mind.

Gary Aitchison

This whole government are completely out their depth. Sack the lot, a general election is required.

Stuart Gallacher

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The Tories are setting new records for the shortest time in office.

Mcphee Sher

He can always go back to bring the guy on the Halifax adverts then!

David Boswell

It is the PM that has to agree to everything, so she should go too. They way things are going, Nicola may just get her wish.

David McCoy

It’s not going to be enough to save Truss.

Scott Davie

That's a future quiz question.

Royal Mail

Royal Mail says it needs to seek a rfeduction of 10,000 staff by next August as losses tumble to £350million

Mark McDonald

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Royal Mail, don't be so bloody greedy as you are making millions . Get rid of most of your managers and directors instead.

Tully Tulley

About time the government took this back into public ownership instead of paying dividends to shareholders.

Scotty Malotty

C’mon the Royal Mail workers - fair pay and conditions.

Graeme Nisbet

Absolute shambles. Greedy directors have run this company into the ground. I know a few people in RM and their conditions and pay are terrible. Up the strikers.

Frances Mckendrick

Pure greed from the big bosses.

Jette Goldie

And then it will need the same number of temporary staff at Christmas, no doubt.

Stuart Gallacher

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Must be the first privatised company that's not making huge profits.

William Manson

How many of the board, top mangement and middle management are going?

Jeff Bruce

Well it should start at the top not the bottom. It’s the staff that keeps the managers in a job.

Edinburgh Filmhouse

Council bosses have been urged to explore “every possible avenue” to secure the future of the Edinburgh International Film Festival and Filmhouse.

Gemma Riddles

"More challenging to save the Filmhouse" – they sound as if they have no appetite to even try.

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