Accies retail plans: ‘They need to find solution or consider move’

It is unsurprising that a proposal to add up to nine new retail units in Stockbridge would lead to a host of questions from locals.

Which shops will move in? How will this affect existing retailers, and in particular a thriving independent business sector? What about traffic congestion? Parking? Will existing views be blocked?

The plan has been brought forward by Scotland’s oldest rugby club, Edinburgh Academicals, which at present is using Portakabins as changing rooms.

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The idea is that rent from the new retail units will provide an income stream in the short and longer term to ensure the continued health of the club. A new stadium would also provide covered seating for 2500 fans and additional standing space for another 2500.

Accies is a club that has been part of the fabric of Stockbridge for more than 150 years. This is not a large overseas developer swooping on a piece of open space to make a quick buck. This is a sports club with a long history – it hosted the world’s first rugby international – which wants to retain the vast majority of the open space. The club is an asset to the area.

There are worries that another food retailer such as Tesco could move in to the new retail units. But the area is already served by a Co-op and a Sainsbury’s as well as a Waitrose. Would Tesco really make a 

Accies need to do something – their present situation cannot continue. They either find an acceptable solution that enhances the club and the area or they will have to consider moving from their home. That opens the possibility of a much larger chunk of land being sold to developers, possibly for housing. That is something that no one in the area wants.

Greens speaks out

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Should a man who has brutally raped a young woman be allowed to have his say? That is one question that had to be weighed heavily by the Evening News before printing the words of Robert Greens.

We have heard from the police, from the courts and from protesters. But until now, there has been little knowledge of his own thoughts.

Should we even care what he thinks? Arguably not. But Greens is not in prison. If a long-term solution is to found to housing the Da Vinci rapist – one of Scotland’s most dangerous sex offenders – then it will require the cooperation of all parties involved. Chillingly, in our piece today he still denies any involvement in this most heinous of crimes.