Andrew Coventry's sudden death has left many heartbroken and created a huge hole in Craigentinny community. He will be remembered – Hayley Matthews

I've heard sad news of a few old friends I was at school with passing suddenly in the last few weeks, and it's really upsetting to take in.

Funds are being raised for a bench in memory of Andrew Coventry
Funds are being raised for a bench in memory of Andrew Coventry

News that's particularly affected me is of the lovely late Andrew Coventry (Covey) who passed away suddenly, leaving family and friends utterly heartbroken.

He was always a great laugh at school and I have fond memories of him in class. My mum used to drop me off at Leith Academy in a maroon Peugeot with a huge gold star and the word “GOLDSTAR”, a relative’s company, on it.

Covey would always say "here comes your mum, the golden star". He loved that car! I think it being maroon helped as he was a huge Hearts fan.

Understandably, the family will never be the same and he's left a huge hole in the Craigentinny community. Andrew was a fun-loving, gentle guy, well-known and loved in the area.


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The family would love to buy a bench so those who knew him can sit and remember the good times. The fund is coming to a close but it would be lovely if more than enough could be raised to get the most beautiful bench ever.

So please, if you would like to donate go to the gofundme page under his name. Comments on the page remember him for his love for Hearts and American football as well as being an exceptional goalkeeper. He was the only guy who’d walk around with an England top on, but that was Covey. No one could ever not like him.

Rest in peace Covey, you're now a golden star in the sky, shining bright.