Angling: 2011 ended with a blank

Storm-FORCE winds ravaged the entire country so a trip to Selmuir in Mid Calder was to be my final destination of 2011.

Completely encircled by tall fir and pine trees it was an obvious choice for some fishing shelter.

On arrival it quite busy and only a few places were available at the far end where the water was very cloudy, hiding the weed bank at sluices.

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I tried the Fab which floated above the weeds and I was fortunate to get a three-pounder on the first cast. Getting it in was another story as it buried deep into the water. My line went slack and I knew I had lost it on the bottom. It got decidedly colder and I found another platform nearer the lodge. It was encouraging to see fish moving on the surface and I duly stuck on the same tactic. Casting out and watching for any movement in the line was getting difficult due to a swirling wind.

Despite that, I was getting some serious offers but could not lock on.

Time after time my line would shoot out but as soon as I tightened, nothing. Changing to a Bloodworm was to give the same results, but it was sport.

It got colder and wetter so I decided to call it a day. I will return at some point in the near future and hopefully the weather will be kinder.

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