Unfounded bus claim was contemptible – Steve Cardownie

It was more than a little unfortunate that Glasgow SNP MSP, James Dornan claimed that the decision by Lothian Buses to cancel evening services on March 17 this year was borne out of an anti-Irish Roman Catholic bias rather than a genuine response to the anti-social behaviour suffered by their drivers.

Lothian Buses cancelled all services on the evening of March 17
Lothian Buses cancelled all services on the evening of March 17

In making this absurd assumption he said that “Edinburgh our second largest city and our capital, was still in lockdown on St Patrick’s Day and Lothian Buses restricted travel to essential workers working on Tuesday evening. It briefly mentioned a rise in anti-social behaviour as its reason but that was the only day on which that action took place.”

Lothian Buses responded in a robust fashion saying that “Our decision to remove services after 1900hrs on 17 March was taken following serious concerns for the safety of our colleagues and we would not hesitate to do the same again – REGARDLESS OF THE TIME OF YEAR”

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To suggest that there was an ulterior motive to punish Irish Catholics out celebrating St Patrick’s Day perhaps says more about James Dornan’s mindset, than the facts of the matter.

Lothian Buses does not deserve this divisive drivel from a Glasgow MSP and it should receive a public apology from him for his attempt to link both events and levelling the charge of anti-Catholic bias. There must be many Roman Catholics amongst Lothian Buses workforce and for someone who shoulders the responsibility of being an MSP to make such accusations against the company is nothing short of contemptible.