Asda's second-hand clothes range was full of magical delights and good for the planet too! – Hayley Matthews

I was in Asda during the week when I spotted a rail with lots of different items on it.

Saturday, 21st May 2022, 4:55 am
Well done Asda for starting to sell second-hand clothes (Picture: Bruno Vincent/Getty Images)
Well done Asda for starting to sell second-hand clothes (Picture: Bruno Vincent/Getty Images)

It really stood out as the colours and fabrics were all different, not your usual sight in an otherwise orderly store. I wondered if it was a sale rail, or a ‘last chance to buy’ thing but it was more interesting than that. It was full of vintage, branded, high-quality clothing. There was a mix of Adidas, pure cotton items, 70s dresses and lots of other delights.

As I glided through the magical rail, I read a large sign stating that these were all special Preloved Vintage items. Basically a team at Asda has handpicked quality vintage and branded second-hand items from all over the place, given them a check over, displayed them in Asda and boom – they all have a new lease of life. I think it’s genius!

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I'm always very aware of the impact that fast fashion has on society and recognise that buying all clothes new must have a huge environmental impact.

However, stocking second hand in shops is a great way for us to be able to do more to reduce our carbon footprint, water footprint and build a more sustainable fashion future.

So to see a huge section of clothing that has been specifically picked out as good enough to still be used again, good enough to wear and good enough to be sold in a massive retailer like Asda – well, it's a massive step in the right direction. Well done and I hope more supermarkets and large brands will follow.