Climate change: Edinburgh Tyre Extinguishers are idiots for thinking letting down SUV tyres will help – Hayley Matthews

OK, so I'm all for being environmentally friendly, using public transport more often, going greener and helping the planet.

Saturday, 21st May 2022, 12:30 pm
A note is left by the activists after they deflate tyres on vehicles
A note is left by the activists after they deflate tyres on vehicles

However, I’m really shocked at the stupidity of some people who believe they're helping by letting people’s tyres down.

I'm not sure on what planet they think this will stop people from using their cars but their efforts are massively wasted.

I doubt anyone who's had the misfortune of seeing four flat tyres in the morning thinks to themselves “ah, I really should stop using my car, it's not what's best for the environment!" Idiots, complete idiots!

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These people who claim to be ‘caring environmentalists’ who want the best for humanity are roaming the streets at night or early morning letting down tyres in the hope car owners decide to switch to a greener life. Not a chance.

If anything, it maddens people more, not to mention being stupid and dangerous.

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What if a woman had gone into labour and her partner needed to drive her to the maternity unit? What if a child was really unwell and needed to be taken to the hospital immediately? What if someone was in a real emergency and they came out to find some idiot with too much time on their hands has caused them serious issues by flattening their wheels.

It's stupid, won't persuade drivers to ditch their cars in search of a greener life and, if anything, will just make people who could potentially be turned to the greener side of life, hacked off and wanting to flatten your tires!

So please, if you're one of these idiots, stop being so foolish and leave the tyres alone.