Comment: Labour has plenty of food for thought

THe political landscape of Scotland is changing fast – and Edinburgh is no different from the rest of the country.

Soon we will have a new First Minister and it seems increasingly likely a new leader of the opposition, too.

The starting pistol on the campaign for next May’s General Election was effectively fired the moment that the polls closed.

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Today’s breakdown of how we voted in the Capital suggests it will be a particularly intriguing contest in Edinburgh East, where Labour MP Sheila Gilmour may face an increased threat after the area emerged as the city’s strongest Yes voters.

Who knows what the Westminster and Holyrood parliaments will look like by the time we go to the polls for the next local authority elections in 2017. But the voting patterns last week – where many of the city’s estates, so long the bedrock of Labour support, voted strongly Yes – gives Edinburgh Labour plenty of food for thought.

Just desserts

EDINBurgh’s reputation for fine dining is well known as the Michelin stars mount, but let’s not forget the range of top-notch eatery offerings across the city.

Evidence if needed comes today in the thoroughly deserved award for The Bridge Inn at Ratho.

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The picturesque local has gone from being a quiet village bar to scooping pub of the year in the prestigous AA Hospitality Awards. OK, not many pubs offer signature dishes and specialised dining cruises so it is certainly a bit more than your average local, but it does go to show Edinburgh has more than one string to its bow.

Alongside more awards for Evening News columnist Mark Greenaway and the Timberyard in Lady Lawson Street, it proves that the Capital is still firing on all culinary cylinders. Well done to all those celebrating and long may you keep our taste buds tingling.