​Driving transport improvements - Angus Robertson

​Edinburgh’s transport system is going from strength to strength. With the opening of the tram extension seeing a doubling of passenger traffic, the city and residents are much better connected than before.

In another boon for the city, Lothian Buses has announced the purchase of 50 new all-electric double-decker buses for its fleet.

At an investment of over £24 million, Lothian will introduce these new vehicles in two batches across 2024, with the first vehicles appearing on Edinburgh’s streets in early spring. This investment cements the company’s commitment to reduce emissions and improve air quality in its operating environment.

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The delivery of cleaner and greener buses into the fleet is key to Lothian’s ‘Driving towards Net Zero’ environmental strategy, launched in September. The strategy outlines the company’s plans for ongoing investments in zero tailpipe emission buses and infrastructure across the next decade.

Edinburgh’s bus and tram services are a huge asset for the city both for residents and those who choose to visit. Tourist attractions across the city benefit from the ease at which visitors can tick off the sites during their stay because of the wide range of services, as well as the speedy ferrying of travellers from the airport.

Similarly, the Scottish Government’s introduction of free bus travel for under 22s has seen the number of young people travelling grow.

Thanks to Lothian Buses for their continued commitment.