Editor’s Notes: Changes afoot to keep our readers informed

Welcome to a new slot in the Evening News, a weekly column in which I will discuss what your local newspaper is up to.

It will be a chance to let readers know what we are planning, and to explain why we tackled stories in certain ways. I’ll be quick to defend what we’ve done when we’re in the right, but I’ll also put my hands up if we could have done better.

I hope this won’t be a one-way street. As the Capital’s newspaper we thrive on a close relationship with our readers. If you have something to say – good or bad – I want to hear it. Contact details are at the end of this column.

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I’ll start by taking the chance to give readers a preview of some improvements to the News, starting on Monday. The key change is a new, daily page which will feature snippets of news from all the local communities of the city.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, the new page will feature photos which celebrate important events, including new babies and weddings. On Tuesdays, the highlight will be on local sports, while on Thursdays, we’ll give you local shopping news and tips. Friday’s What’s On guide will offer something for everyone’s diary.

We’re calling the new page It’s Your News, and as the name suggests we want readers to use it for their own snippets and snapshots too.

Also from Monday, we’ll have more local weather and city roadworks information on page 2, with new slots for UK and world news too.

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Turning to what we’ve already done, readers will have noticed the launch of a new campaign this week. “Say No To Coe!” was our message when we revealed plans for a giant Olympic logo to be pinned to Edinburgh Castle for four months next year. Frankly, we thought it sounded like dressing our favourite granny up like Lady Gaga, and we were astounded that anyone could think it a good idea. But we were conscious that some might call us spoilsports when the whole country should be getting behind the 2012 Games. The response from our readers, as well as civic leaders, has been heartening and we’ll keep up the campaign until the plan is consigned to history.

And finally . . . I was lucky enough to be at Bill Bailey’s gig at the Playhouse on Wednesday. I’m not sure I agree with our reviewer that it was a five-star show, but the very funny comic – and talented musician – had us all rolling with laughter.

His shtick on the trams was perhaps predictable (and it certainly got a predictable response from the audience) but it seemed to me that this Fringe favourite’s appreciation of Edinburgh was as genuine as it was spontaneous.

He seemed to particularly enjoy some repartee with the audience and even proclaimed our hecklers the best in the world. Stick that in Bill’s pipe and smoke it, Glasgow!

• Contact Tom at [email protected] or by writing to Edinburgh Evening News, 108 Holyrood Road, EH8 8AS