Events company ensures show goes on safely - Fiona Duff

So it’s one step forward and then a couple of weeks standing still. And no-one seems to know what the rules are.

Thursday, 17th June 2021, 7:00 am
Integrity Events recently helped launch this educational conference and exhibition at EICC

Thousands of football fans can go to Hampden to watch a game although I can’t meet three friends in a restaurant if we are all from separate households. Honest to goodness.

The thing about gathering people together is that it is good for business (frankly not bothered about going to watch a football match); people make new contacts and exchange ideas. It really hasn’t been a good time for people in the events business. However, here in Edinburgh one of the country’s top companies in this field is doing what they can to try and bring folk together. Integrity Events have launched a new service called GATHER, which is rather a good name I think. They are a company that does know the rules and will arrange all these things safely and within the regulations.

To prove that they have thought about this they even have an Integrity CARE service – yes these clever people have even come up with this great acronym standing for Covid Aware Return to Events. I wish I could think of smart names like that – it’s the sort of thing that can make you a lot of money in the advertising business.

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So we’ve got 3 weeks to find out what else we can do this summer, by which time the season will be virtually over. It looks highly unlikely that much will happen with the Edinburgh Fringe – although comedy shows outwith this organisation shall be taking place at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh. I haven’t been invited to any weddings so there aren’t really on my mind, although goodness knows how many stressed out brides to be will be biting their finger nails to the quick. False nail sales will be booming soon.

But just a little bit of seeing what we can do is good and I look forward to when we can all GATHER (see what I did there?). In the meantime I’m off to meet two friends for lunch.