Greens just don’t get life on earth - John McLellan

It’s budget day in the City Chambers, and how many council house tenants will be thinking about voting Conservative at the forthcoming General Election?
Humza Yousaf has psoposed a council tax freeze in ScotlandHumza Yousaf has psoposed a council tax freeze in Scotland
Humza Yousaf has psoposed a council tax freeze in Scotland

The answer will be not very many, but I also doubt many tenants will realise the Conservative group is proposing the lowest rent rise for next year.

Only the SNP backs an officer recommendation of an eye-watering 8.4 per cent increase, excused away because around four-fifths of tenants receive some form of rent relief, but the remainder hardly rank amongst the city’s most affluent residents.

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Next is the Labour administration and the Lib Dems, both proposing 7 per cent rises, while the Greens want to jack up rents by 6.75 per cent for the next eight years. But the Conservative group has produced a budget which limits the increase to just 5 per cent, with further rises capped at five until the 2027 election.

Four of the parties have gone along with Humza Yousaf’s spur-of-the-moment Council Tax freeze, the Conservatives because they don’t want him to fritter away the payment he would withhold for any council ignoring his edict.

But the Greens are happy for the Scottish Government to keep its money and want an astonishing 7.75 per cent increase, so it’s not just council house tenants who can thank their lucky stars the Greens are not in control. I’m not sure which part of cost-of-living crisis the Greens find hard to grasp, but then when you live on another planet it’s hard to understand much about life on earth.