Help us to keep our city roads safe for all this winter - Andy Gibb

Chief Inspector Andy GibbChief Inspector Andy Gibb
Chief Inspector Andy Gibb
As the capital city, summer is when Edinburgh’s population can more than double, particularly during the EIF and Fringe. That means a significant increase in those using our road network and from a road policing perspective this presents us with a number of challenges.

First, we can on occasion see that people visiting from outside the UK and who are not used to driving on the left-hand side of the road getting involved in collisions – either as a motorist or a pedestrian.

We also have a number of licensed venues with extended opening times and sadly this can result in people consuming more alcohol, then getting behind the wheel, later the same evening or the following morning when they are still over the limit.

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As part of Operation Summer City, we had dedicated road policing in place to help keep Edinburgh’s roads safe for visitors and residents alike. I’m happy to report we had no major incidents during the Festival and will now begin our planning for Operation Winter City – the Capital’s annual festive policing campaign.

A teen smiles after passing  her driving testA teen smiles after passing  her driving test
A teen smiles after passing her driving test

I’m sure many parents are relieved to have the summer holidays in the rear-view mirror and kids back in school, and while this may now mean that there are fewer young people using roads during the day, we would urge all motorists to be aware of their speed and driving behaviour when travelling past schools.

Please remember that 20mph limits are in place in and around school zones and on a regular basis Road Policing Officers routinely give attention to these areas, so please drive responsibly.

I would also ask parents and guardians of children to remind them to take caution when crossing roads, always use designated crossing zones and refrain from stepping out from behind parked vehicles.

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We will shortly be reaching the point in the year where the days become darker. Motorists are advised to ensure their lights are all in good working order and motorcyclists, pedal cyclists and horse riders should always wear high-vis clothing when out in the dark.

We’d also encourage cyclists to invest in lights for their bikes and not simply rely on reflectors. Good visibility can make a significant difference in avoiding a collision and lights and reflectors are a legal requirement when using a bike between sunset and sunrise.

Finally we are looking forward to being part of the Young Driver’s event at the Corn Exchange from 26-28 September where we will be supported by partners in delivering road safety to local senior school pupils.

Education on road safety is of paramount importance and this event allows us an early engagement with those who have recently obtained or will be shortly looking to obtain their driving licence.

Chief Inspector Andy Gibb, Road Policing Unit

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