Jim Eadie: Voters show confidence in SNP

These results show voters growing increasingly confident that the SNP has the people and vision to guide our city – and our country – through these difficult economic times, while protecting services against Conservative/Lib Dem cuts.

The SNP gained six seats increasing our number of councillors by 50 per cent and is now the only party to have a councillor in every part of the city. For the SNP to come so close to being the largest party is a remarkable achievement. Although our electoral fortunes in the city were transformed last year with victory in five of the six Scottish Parliament seats in the city, it’s actually not that long since there was no SNP council representation here at all.

All elected SNP representatives will strive to repay the faith the voters have placed in us. With no party having an overall majority, our councillors will require to work closely with other parties to shape a programme that meets the aspirations of the city. I look forward to supporting them as they champion the policies that persuaded the public to give them their vote. SNP ambitions include a council tax freeze, rebuilding schools like James Gillespie’s, a living wage for council employees, protecting jobs and guaranteeing apprenticeships, investing in social care, repairing potholes, funding cycling and green transport, and tackling crime.

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There will be a quiet celebration tonight. Then it’s time to get down to the hard work. Now the people have spoken they expect their elected representatives to get on with the job of working together for the good of our capital city.

• Jim Eadie is SNP MSP for Edinburgh Southern