Jogger who squirted water at STV reporter Laura Alderman may face prosecution – John McLellan

STV reporter Laura Alderman was filming outside Edinburgh Zoo when she was squired with water by a passing jogger, an act that could be viewed as criminal, writes John McLellan.
STV reporter Laura Alderman was squirted with water whilst filming outside Edinburgh ZooSTV reporter Laura Alderman was squirted with water whilst filming outside Edinburgh Zoo
STV reporter Laura Alderman was squirted with water whilst filming outside Edinburgh Zoo

A middle-aged, red-faced jogger should be having a few uncomfortable nights wondering if her collar is about to be felt following the incident in which she allegedly squirted STV reporter Laura Alderman with water and verbally threatened her for having the temerity to be filming outside Edinburgh Zoo.

Given previous court cases when the potential transmission of an infected disease was classed as an assault, these is prime face evidence of a serious offence having been committed, whether you think Ms Alderman should have been out and about filming or not.

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The jogger better get in training in case the next time she needs to leg it from news crews is when they are chasing her down Chambers Street from Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

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STV reporter deliberately soaked by passing jogger and threatened to be slapped

My prediction for results of lockdown consultation

The Scottish Government’s launch of a public consultation into easing the lockdown begs the question about what it would do if its policy conflicts with the public mood, but the chances of a clear picture emerging from the initiative on which a decision can be based are minimal.

Less than a day after the launch, a hundred different discussion threads had been opened up, including pressure-group suggestions like “Cars are Guests” and overtly political proposals like “Close the Border” and even “Resignation of Nicola Sturgeon”.

The best that can be expected is people saying they want lockdown eased as quickly as possible and afterwards to have more of the stuff they like and less of the stuff they don’t, and they don’t want to die.

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Or is this just a public relations exercise which at best will provide soundbites to back up whatever the First Minister decides to do.

£1000 ebikes for all?

Nationwide, two-thirds of people say they will avoid public transport even if lockdown is eased for fear of infection, so the expectation is that more people will walk or cycle, which is fine if you have no need to travel far for any of your needs, are fit enough to cycle in a hilly and windy city, or can afford an electric bike big enough to carry your messages.

Anyone got a spare £1000 right now for an ebike?