John Gibson: Bar Roma chat just rumours

RUMOURS are rife. More than rife. Rampant. The Bar Roma, an institution at the West End since 1981, has been sold. It hasn’t and I’m saying so categorically.

“Listen,” says owner Mario Cugini, “Five years ago we were talk of the town. It was all gossip, only this past week or so the rumours have been more intense. But see, we’re still here. What’s fuelled them is that from next week we’ll close on Mondays. My wife Bibi and myself, we plan to spend a lot more time on the golf course. We needed the break.

“That said, a certain gloom has enveloped the Bar Roma this week with the sudden passing on Monday of Dante D’Onofrio, a popular waiter with us these past five years. Dante, 25, was my niece’s son.”

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Cugini’s plate has been full as dealt with the persistent rumours. Wetherspoon’s were taking over. No they weren’t. Kevin Doyle was in with a shout. No he wasn’t.

Sometimes best a scribe buries his head in a bowl of pasta and stays out of trouble.


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