John Gibson: Basil’s the boy for the beach

Give the dog a bone. But, you’d imagine, not another trophy, or medal or rosette. Not for Basil. He’s got dozens of them.

He’s a Spinone, top in his breed in the UK and he’ll be on parade again on Saturday in the Leeds Championships. Ask him how he keeps cleaning up and he puts it down to the beach, close to his Portobello home.

Says his owner, Julie Carruthers: ‘‘Basil’s a ‘looker’ and knows it. An eye-catcher and he thinks he owns Porty beach. It’s his haunt. He’s got the run of it most days and the sea air seems to be good for him.’’

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Julie, who is ‘‘between employment,’’ has had him since he was a pup. ‘‘He’s four and beginning to mature. Easy to live with. It’s as well he’s a good traveller.”

Good boy Basil. Now go and do your thing this Saturday.

Splashing out

So this is how Rebecca Adlington keeps making a splash. Our big hope in the Olympic swimming, she ventured into the Royal Mile, near her hotel, and savoured an early lunch at Has Beans coffee shop in the Canongate.

Owner/chef Graham Kenny tells me: ‘‘Miss Adlington, who was taking a break from training at the Commonwealth Pool, was a charming customer, low profile, signed autographs and ordered halloumi, her favourite.”

If you’re unaccustomed to halloumi (grilled Greek cheese), try it. Makes a change from the fish supper.