John Gibson: Don’t catch the dengue in Porty!

Smug with it, you’ve been telling friends and neighbours you’ve got your summer hols all buttoned up. Passport in order, bikini and the Speedos fine for your kit bag.

Friday, 4th May 2012, 1:00 pm

You can hardly wait for your two weeks in that Portobello B&B. All you need to transform Porty into a shangri-la is the weather.

But even if the sun shines, what could ruin everything is the aedes albopictus. The what? The Asian tiger mosquito. It can transmit tropical diseases and having brought misery in parts of Italy, Spain and France it’s coming north with the climate change, bringing dengue fever with it.

Dear Folks, sun’s shining here in Porty but Bill’s poorly, down with what they call dengue fever.

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Can it be true?

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